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Eve Selis is a beacon of resilience and talent in the world of music, and ‘Dark Sky Blue’ is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. With her soul-stirring voice and masterfully crafted songs, Eve invites listeners on a journey of healing and hope. This long-awaited release is a profound work of art that resonates deeply in today’s world. ‘Dark Sky Blue’ is more than an album—it’s a gift to the soul, a reminder of the power of music to uplift and inspire.” – Dave Lenahan, Host, Songwriter Connection Podcast

At its best, art has the power to process the un-processable and turn it into something beautiful and this album does exactly that. One of the most courageous albums I’ve heard in a long time” – Alex Wong, Latin Grammy-Nominated Artist/Producer

Eve is a tremendously talented singer/songwriter and her new LP, ‘Dark Sky Blue’ is a testament to her unparalleled faith and strength in life. Just when we feel like giving up, we remember that God put us here for a reason – to share our gifts with the world in our own unique way. Eve has an amazing gift and that is to enlighten people – she does just that through her music.” – Brandon Morrell, Host, The Backstage Pass Powered By The Sports Guys Podcast

Singer/Songwriter Eve Selis is excited to release her highly- anticipated and extremely personal, self-penned new album, Dark Sky Blue. It is artistic in every sense. The compelling ten-song collection, spanning multiple musical genres and incorporating the best of each, showcases Selis’ unparalleled textured, soaring vocals, her brilliantly crafted songs, and a stellar production. Written from real-life experience and raw emotion, Dark Sky Blue is the reflection and evolution of Selis’ life journey over the past several years and is a true labor of love. It shares a universal message and will speak to anyone who has experienced loss and pain. Already creating a buzz among industry professionals and music fans alike, Dark Sky Blue will be featured on Radio SoBro’s NuMu Friday twice upon release at 11:30 AM and 4 PM CST and has been added into rotation. It is also one of Pop Blitz Magazine’s New Music Friday picks and has been added to Center Stage Magazine’s Fresh Indie Country playlist. 

Deep emotions led Selis to do something new, and she prayed, asking God to reveal to her an original and vital musical experience. This is how the idea of Dark Sky Blue was born. The songs on this album were crafted from a place of vulnerability while walking through one of the darkest seasons of Selis’ life after losing her brother to a suicide event. It took six years to write this project while living through each of these songs. This period of quiet introspection led the singer/songwriter on a path of honest self-discovery and planted the seeds of a new artistic vision in her fertile heart. Selis’ love and passion for singing and writing music were reimagined, becoming even more meaningful during this time.

Selis wanted to turn heartache and personal tragedy into something positive – not only as a means of self-healing, but to help all those struggling with similar situations – loss, depression, defeat, or whatever the case may be – to help uplift, inspire, and empower through her music. Unconditional love is the theme that runs throughout each of the songs in this powerful collection of music that perfectly blurs the lines between the musical genres of Americana, country, Christian, pop, rock, and singer/songwriter. All songs were written/co-written by Selis and the project was produced by Latin Grammy-nominated/”second-generation Americana” artist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Wong.

Selis released three singles off Dark Sky Blue earlier this spring – “Dark Sky Blue,” “Grace,” and “I Choose Love” leading up to the album release. She is excited to share her new music with a grateful, hopeful, and broken heart in hopes that others will experience extraordinary healing through the power of her music and that it will remind everyone listening that they are not alone.

I wrote these songs in the darkest time of my life and with each song, God pulled me closer to the light until I was standing fully in it again. As you listen to each song, my hope is that you’ll find healing on your own journey back to blue skies,” reflects Selis.

Dark Sky Blue Track Listing

“Dark Sky Blue” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean, Doug Crider
“Monster” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean, Calman Hart
“End Of The Story” – Eve Selis
“Breathing Under Water” – Eve Selis, Steve Brown
“There Will Come A Time” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean
“Waves” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean
“Grace” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean
“Love Only Knows” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean, Jonny Garcia
“I Choose Love” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean
“Somebody’s Brother” – Eve Selis, Kim McLean, Scarlet Keys, Veronica May


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