Upcoming Tours

Check this page regularly for a full list of the tours that I am actively working on.

If you would like to book a show or have information about booking opportunities for any these acts please drop us a line.

The Fargo Railroad Co. (band)
Festivals in 2023 (not exclusive)
Ags Connolly (varying formats)
Festivals in 2023
Son of Town Hall (David Berkeley & Ben Parker) (duo)
Festivals in 2023
Sam Baker (trio)
October 2023 (re-scheduled dates from October 2022)
Chastity Brown (band)
May - June 2023
Ags Connolly (varying formats)
Generally available
Jill Jackson (solo)
April and June 2023
Tom Russell (solo)
June - July 2023
Rod Picott (solo)
September - October 2023
Suzie Ungerleider (duo)
June - July 2023
Jason Ringenberg (solo)
May 2023
Alan Fletcher and Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes (band)
March - April 2023
Morton Valence
Festivals 2023
Nathan Bell (solo)
April - May 2023
Ags Connolly (duo)
September / October 2023 (album release tour)
Morton Valence
January - February 2023
Hannah Aldridge
June - July 2023
Hannah Aldridge (band)
November 2023 (album release tour)
Christina Martin
March 2024